Finding novel ways to sneek medications

through the blood-brain-barrier into the brain

Neuroscience research is making big progress. Scientists understand brain diseases better and better ... glioblastoma, multiple sclerosis, autism, depression ...

Many novel medications are developed but one big problems remain:

The Blood-Brain-Barrier

is so protective that it holds off many medications from even entering the brain.

One neglected loophole through the blood-brain-barrier is the choroid plexus. An epithelial layer inside the ventricles that interconnects three main players: Brain - Blood - CSF (cerebrospinal fluid). The choroid plexus releases developmental signals that are transported in the CSF throughout the brain.

Surprisingly, the role of the choroid plexus in the adult brain is hardly known.

If we understand how it functions we could also find novel ways how to get medications into the brain at the intersection of blood, CSF and brain.

At the DKFZ (German Cancer Research Center) in Heidelberg you have the fantastic opportunity to work in a vibrant up-raising neuroscience lab. The principle investigator is Dr. Annarita Patrizi. She trained at Harvard and just opened her own lab at the DKFZ.

The mission of the Patrizi lab at the DKFZ is decoding the role of the choroid plexus during postnatal development and brain maintenance. Once we understand its functions we can influence it i.e. to deliver medications into the brain in novel ways.

The big questions of this lab:

  • How does the choroid plexus influence brain development in young mice?
  • What signals are secreted from the choroid plexus during brain homeostasis?
  • How can we deliver medications from the blood into the CSF?


The Patrizi lab has currently open positions for passionate scientists.

We have

  • a fantastic lab space at the dkfz (German Cancer Research Center) in Heidelberg
  • lots of money ...
  • a young and motivated team
  • a clearly structured mentoring program for PhD students

We are looking for people

  • who love science
  • who are willing to work hard to make a contribution in science


The main criteria to hire is your passion and drive for science. Everything else we can teach you.

I work in close collaboration with the Patrizi lab. All graduate students have the possibility to take part in my coaching program:

„From master student to senior grad student in 6 months. How to think like a scientist.“


Are you interested? Then contact Jasmin (, 06221-54-8818) or Annarita Patrizi (

Dont hesitate to call us with any questions. Looking forward to chat with you. 🙂