Recruiting is the most important task of every boss.

     Recruiting the right people is crucial for your success.

     Recruiting is not difficult if you have an automated system.

Recruiting the wrong people

They will destroy your lab and your career !

  • All the endless hours that you worked in the lab as a grad student and Post Doc
  • All the fights with your wife because you keep coming home late
  • All the hours that you did NOT spend with yours kids ...


... if you recruit the wrong people now !!


There are A, B und C-Employees.

A-Employees are full of motivation and passion. They know the literature and push their projects forward. They run your lab. They are worth gold.

B-Emploees work 9-to-5.

C-Employees secretely work against you. They spread rumors and bad moods or they steal ideas from their collegues. A single C-Employee is enough to destroy your lab.

The usual distribution in most companies:

15% A-Employees, 70% B-Employees, 15% C-Employees

The distribution at google:   100% A-Employees


This knowledge is out there! Big companies have perfectionized the recruitment of awsome people over centuries. Use this knowledge and play in the big league!

As scientist you have an enormous advantage over all other recruiters. The language of science is english. That opens up an international job market for you! Wide open.

There are fantastically trained, highly-motivated scientists out there, on every step of the career ladder and they would love to join any dedicated research team. You just have to choose and hire them. What more do you want?


How on earth do you find A-Employees? If you check the mood and frustration level in most labs it seems to be almost impossible ...

Well, thats why I made this coaching class. Of course it is possible to find awsome people.


Recruiting is the most important task of every PI. Yes, you read correctly. Its top priority. Not grant writing, not experiment discussion, but recruiting.

The biggest mistake of most new PIs is their initial trial to do everything by themselves. Either experiments or ordering lab ware to establish the lab or throwing themselves into grant writing. But if you would hire awsome people right away they would simply do most of that work for you.


How do most labs recruit?

Well, you can put a job post in Nature or on any other big platform and you will receive 200 applications with hardly 2 acceptable candidates in between. Most PIs are literally scared of screening so many applications and decide not to put a job advertisement at all. Well, that reasonable but not very smart.

Luckily, the online marketing world has tremendously progressed. You can establish automated systems that do the screening for you.


Just imagine all the 500 applicants would get an automatic email sending a questionnaire with 20 questions to fill out. How many applicants would actually send that questionnaire back to you fully filled out? Not that many! Actually, less than 10%. Because its a lot of work to do that and it leaves you only with those people who are truly interested in your lab. Now you are below 50 applicants without you even opening a single application.


Well, thats one way. But there is even a better one. A much better one. You actually dont want to screen 500 useless applicants. You want to get super qualified applicants from which you can cherry pick the best ones. And there is a way to put very targeted job postings to find exactly those people who are perfectly fitted for your lab.


If this is interesting for you download my 6-step recruitment process, specifically tailored for scientific labs.

The 6-Step Recruiting Process

How to automate applicant screening and find great scientists

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