Special opportunity for selected students

You want to meet Jasmin in person?

I will be teaching this spring at the Heidelberg Center for the Environment.

Dr. Sanam Vardag is building up a novel career development program for graduate students and Post Docs. The idea is to connect fellow students, let them network and help each other. Students will be also linked to senior scientists to help out with big project decisions or small details in your daily work.

Do you know these times when you just keep working but there seems to be no real output? Well, I had that quiet often. On the view back my career could have been much faster if I would have stopped earlier doing senseless things in the lab.

But you often need another person to get you out of there, to open your eyes, to say STOP. I believe every project needs a neutral follower who keeps asking the same questions all over again. WHY are you doing this? Why this project, why this experiment now, why the same experiment again? What is the longterm goal, what is the shortterm goal?

Thats what the HCE Zukunftskolleg wants to be. Connecting you with the right people to make you rethink your project, rethink if you are still on the right way and doing the right things. But also giving you the perspective of a supervisor as you will give advices to your fellow students. That again helps you in the end to think over your own project. Sometimes its just the matter of a different perspective.

This is what science needs. 

I wish I could have attended such events when I was a grad student or Post Doc. There are so many things that you only understand on the view back. So many decisions that I might have taken differently if I would have known better. Thats what the advice of a senior scientist can give you: Saving you months and years of your career. Giving you a kick-start.

This program reflects exactly what I want to give to science. Connecting you guys. Giving you a real mentorship. (Not just a promised one.)

And there is one more thing. Ever heard about soft skills? Well, scientists are not very good in that. Its the magic spice why some people are successful and seem to achieve anything they want while others keep trying and trying but things never really work out. There are people who find the right words at the right time, who are at the right time at the right place, who know the right people when it matters. If you belong to this special club: Congratulations! You dont need to attend my classes.

If you are just one of us, people with dreams but no real clue how to reach them. Then I have good news for you. You can learn all the skills to become successful. There is a strategy behind. Only very few people are born with these skills, all others have learned them. And there are a lot of really successful people out there. They all learned it. And you can learn it, too.

Just guess what a successful environmental scientist can do good for this world!

I am not an environmental scientist. I do life sciences, I love blood. But I can teach you the basic rules how to work and think scientifically, how to structure your project and your PhD time. And I can teach you the magic spice, the additional things that will make you so much more efficient and successful ... and happy in science. 🙂


We will talk about

  • How to give good presentations - story telling in science
  • Time management - the Pareto principle
  • High performance: How to work more efficiently - much more efficiently ...
  • Building up self-confidence to achieve anything you want
  • How to communicate with your boss and collegues - get your message across
  • Why networking is the most powerful career determinant
  • How social media can promote your career
  • Self-marketing - the art of putting yourself in the right light

To keep an interactive group dynamic we will restrict this years program to 20 participants. Seats are filling but we still have open spots. So, dont wait, take this opportunity and sign in today.

Send a short motivation letter and your CV to hce@iup.uni-heidelberg.de. If science is your passion you should be bursting of motivation, just write it down. If science is not your passion, please dont apply. We are looking for a small group of highly motivated students who seriously want to boost their career and who are ready to work on themselves.

Classes will be held in english. I am really looking forward to see you soon!