Who is writing here?

Moin, schön dass du hier bist.

Ich bin Jasmin. Ich komme von der Nordseeküste, wo das Wetter rau und die Menschen gradlinig sind.

Meine Liebe zur Wissenschaft mit allen Sonnen- und Schattenseiten teile ich mit dir auf dieser Webseite.


I am a trained doctor and passionate scientist.

Although I seriously tried to work in clinics my heart always pulled me back to the lab.

I started to hang out in high-profile science labs when I was 17 years old. I started at the Helmholtz Center in Brunswick, was attached to the Max Planck Institute in Göttingen during my entire medical school, did my Post Doc training at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA and finally reached Heidelberg, adding up to 20 years of research experience from the best institutes out there.

My scientific career started by chance with a leukemia cell line and I never left that topic.

I love blood. Thats my passion. Over the years I specialized in stem cells. My expertise is the production of special stem cells, called iPSC (induced pluripotent stem cells), in such a high quality that they can be truly used for clinical treatments.

I saw how many of my friends had to leave active science although being really good scientists due to lack of mentorship and lack of high publications. This makes me very sad as I do remember all our dreams that we had about doing meaningful science. I believe that leadership qualities of the boss make the whole difference of their people and their lab being successful or not.

I am building up a coaching program for graduate students that enables them to work within 6 months like a senior grad student. After all, its not that difficult to do good scientific work if you just know some principles, some tips and tricks.

Additionally, I am building up a management class for PIs.

  • How to recruit awsome people,
  • how to build up a strong motivated team,
  • how to be experienced as THE expert in your field and why this will result in high publications,
  • how to build up strong careers and why this will make you even more successful.

After all, its not that difficult to be a boss if you know some of the tricks that the big companies have perfectionized over centuries. Why not using that wisdom in your lab? It can make science so much more fun.


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