How to make a great website for your lab

How do we translate this to your lab now?

What was this video about? Selling.

But you dont sell anything in your lab. So, why should this matter to you?

Well, you DO sell in your lab.

  • You are selling your ideas to grant agencies, so they fund your research.
  • You are selling your lab to graduate students so they come and do the research for you.
  • You are selling your ideas to potential collaborators ...
  • ... editors ...
  • ... reviewers ...

Just imagine you would be really good in selling ....

Well, thats marketing. Lab-marketing. Thats what this website is about.

Start with WHY

Whats your WHY?

Why do you wake up in the morning? Why do you come to your lab every day? Whats your purpose? Whats the one thing that you want to change in this world?

And this is where your inner development becomes important. This is where everything connects. You first need to find your purpose, your WHY. And thats what everything builds upon.

Let me give you some examples ...

What you do

(all texts are taken from real websites)

We take advantage of the knowledge of the physiology and molecular biology of channels and use electrophysiological techniques along with advanced microscopy, protein engineering and animal models. We try to take advantage of the particular features of ion channels to design novel diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

This Laboratory studies the formation of pluripotent stem cells and the subsequent hematopoietic, endothelial and cardiac differentiation, as well as the potential therapeutic uses of pluripotent stem cell-derived cells.

Our research broadly applies stem cell biology to human cancers. We take advantage of a diverse range of experimental systems to initially formulate general concepts regarding cancer biology then transition to more focused studies in order to develop novel therapeutics.

Why you do it

(how I would write it)

There are young people who suddenly break down. Dead. They have a mutation in an ion channel in their heart. Unknowingly. We develop a test to screen for this mutation. Because we believe that no family father should be ripped out of life.

We want to make blood in the lab. Human blood for routine blood transfusions because we dont have enough donor blood. Because thousands of people die every day out there due to the one missing resource. Blood.

Many cancer patients get a relapse. Even after treatment the tumor comes back one day. The cause are cancer stem cells, the root of the cancer, they hide in the body and eventually grow it all back up. We believe having cancer once is bad enough. We are developing therapeutics that eradicate the tumor together with its root to really cure people. We work every day to make this world cancer free.

Keep it simple

Its easy to explain something easy in an easy way.

Its easy to explain something difficult in a difficult way.

Its easy to explain something easy in a difficult way.

But its really difficult to explain something difficult in an easy way.

And thats what I want you to do !

I want your 10-year old son to understand what you are doing.

Most people simply dont understand what you are doing. Not even your fellow scientists. Thats why lots of great research topics never get any visibility.

But if nobody knows you ...

... nobody wants to work with you and

... nobody wants to publish anything from you.

Is there a system how to build up your website?

YES. There is.

Tell your story. Why are you doing science. Why at this university?

Whats your mission, your purpose, your research topic. Whats the goal of it?

Whats your team? Who are these people who work with you? Whats their story? Whats their mission in your lab? Why did they choose to work in your lab?

What happened to the people who left your lab? They opened a cafe? Or their own lab? They still play a role in science?

What do your people say about you? Get testimonials from them! This will do magic!              Write down their email so they can be contacted (but ask them first).

Whats your equipment? Are you doing special techniques?

What could I learn in your lab? Why should I join your lab? What kind of people are you looking for?


I wish you all the best to restructure your website.

If you need any advice just contact me. 🙂 Or let me do it right away for you ...