Bringing Leadership Skills into Scientific Labs

I offer a 12-months coaching program to lift your lab to the next level.

Each module can be also booked separately.

  • Module 1
  • Make a new Website for your Lab

Get visibility. Your lab website is your image to the outer world. Present yourself in the right light. Show your team ... your equipment ... tell your story ... why you do science ... whats your vision ... why it is great to work with you.

  • Module 2
  • Restructure your Team

Getting aware of the team dynamics in your lab. Every employee has clear goals for the next month - 6 months - 1 year? Clear tasks? How productive is each one? Who is A - B - C ? I will give you clear recommendations how to restructure your team into 80% A-Employees.

  • Module 3
  • Recruit awsome people

The 6-step hiring process: Professional advertisement in a very focused target group, optionally with a lab trailer. That does magic! Automated pre-screening with questionnaire, tasks to fulfill and personality test. Phone interview, personal interview, verify recommendations and the final job offer. Nobody does this in science so far. Be the first one to get the master minds!

  • Module 4
  • Inner Development

Your outside world is a mirror of your inner self. There are established strategies to boost your self-confidence, influence your unconscious mind to reach goals easier, establish proper time management in your daily work and to reach high performance. It will change your life! Then things that you were struggling for just happen by themselves. Trust me! I did it myself.

  • Module 5
  • Become THE EXPERT in your field

Have a clear focus in your research topic. And get as much visibility on it as possible. Present yourself as THE expert in that field. Write articles on social media, on science blogs, in common scientific journals. Make an E-Book with the answers of 20 Top-Scientists answering one hot questions. Organize an online conference. Editors also google and read Facebook.  😉

  • Module 6
  • Leadership in the Lab

Being a leader comes with responsibilities. You have responsibilities for your people, you enable their careers or destroy them. Making others big is the fastest way to be recognized as a true leader. Authorship rules, clear student teaching, outsourcing routine tasks to have more time for your people and communications skills will make your lab quickly famous.

You want to earn money with me?

Yes, you read correctly. YOU can earn money, here on this website.

Help me to distribute this Coaching Class to lots and lots of scientists. I want to educate a new generation of PIs. I want the scientific environment to change into a workplace where it is fun to work, where people work together on a common mission and where the limits of science are pushed forward.

Yes, thats a big mission. But I am convinced that these ideas will spread, because they benefit everybody, the PIs, the students and the quality of science.

How does that work?

  1. You make your own Digistore24 account, sign up as affiliate
  2. You get an affiliate Link for my coaching program
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Thats 1176 € for you for every 12-months coaching !

I do the work, I do the service, you get money. To do this you dont even have to be in the coaching program yourself. Just spread the idea.

What does it cost you if you dont book it?

It might cost you no less than your career. At least it will cost you lots of happy hours, with your family and within your lab. Because you will learn how to get your work done so much faster (high performance 🙂 ) and how to surround yourself with so many awsome people that work in the lab will be real fun again.

Such a program never existed before. It is specifically tailored to the needs of scientists. You dont have the time to do a personal development for 2 years like I did it. You need the informations concised, only the relevant ones. And all that besides your daily work in the lab. You get it. Here.

You are a scientist. Keep doing science. Thats what you are good at. I will give you your job as a scientist back. Lets outsource all the other stuff. Hey, there are people who handle 8 companies, you can handle 1 lab! I will help you. Promised.

STOP - This program is not for everyone

I want to write success stories. I want to enable people to do good science, keep their funding and change something in this world. I want to make other people big. That makes me happy.

Michael Jackson was asked what makes him so successful. His answer was: Just love music.

I will only work with passionate scientists, with people who really want to reach somewhere and just dont really know how to do that. You need to be open to novel ideas and approaches. You need to be ready to accept your mistakes and be open to change within yourself. Otherwise I cannot reach anything.

Modules build upon each other. Without website you cannot do proper job advertisements. Thats why I put together a 12-months program to give you the highest support and benefit (Newly PIs skip module 2). 🙂

Nevertheless, I offer customized get-to-know-me packages. You just want a boost for recruitment or becoming visible as an expert? Thats totally fine. I will help you with any focused needs.

Is it expensive? Well, its probably much more expensive not to do it. Just image you hire a single C-Employee. Even if you figure it out within a year it will cost you more than 30.000 €.

See it like a conference. How much does a single conference in the US cost you? Well, do they offer a 12 months customized support? Its like skipping one conference, doing the coaching program instead and then being on stage on the next conference. And hey, its scientific education and you can use your grant money for it.

Still expensive? Well, this is my way of choosing the right people. The dedicated ones, the ones who really want to change something. The prize gives you the motivation to actually pull it through. Its a commitment that you are giving - to yourself.


Whatever you decide. I will be happy to hear from you. Write me your comments and questions to or simply call me. 🙂

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