What is Lab Marketing?

You dont like the word "Marketing"?

After all you are not selling anything, right?

Well, you DO sell.

  • You are selling your ideas to grant agencies, so they fund your research.
  • You are selling your lab to graduate students so they come and do the research for you.
  • You are selling your ideas to potential collaborators ...
  • ... editors ...
  • ... reviewers ...

Just imagine you would be really good in selling ....

Well, thats marketing. Lab-marketing. Thats what this website is about.

Now ... Lets talk about ... Lab Marketing

Lab Marketing is the art of presenting your lab to the outside world. 

I guess you are working on a very interesting topic but if nobody knows what you are doing nobody wants to join your team, nobody wants to collaborate with you and probably nobody wants to publish your data. Thats tragic. Unfortunately, most PIs cannot even communicate their research topic to the neighbouring lab.

Lab-Marketing is telling your story, showing the person behind.

Lab-Marketing is giving great presentations, getting standing ovations.

Lab-Marketing is communicating your vision to your collegues, editors, patients or students.

Lab-Marketing is putting out professional advertisements to recruit awsome people. Do you know about the power of social media in job recruitment? You can address laser sharp your target group and place job advertisements only for them. That brings you in very qualified applications. Then you can cherry-pick the best ones.

Lab-Marketing is networking with other scientists, being part of an interactive community. Its presenting yourself as the absolute expert in your field. Its getting visibility and being known by editors and reviewers. And all of a sudden publishing in high impact journals might not be such a big deal anymore.

Lab-Marketing is enabling careers, making your people big and becoming ultimately famous through that. Lab-Marketing is becoming an influential leader.

And the best thing: I know that you are a scientist and even the word marketing gives you shivers. Well, you dont have to deal with it. I will do it for you. You stick with your passion. Science.

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