My Mentors

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Buddhist Proverb

I have done 20 years of research till I realized that we cannot find truth if we only look in one direction. We cannot do good science if we are only scientists. We need to be so much more.

Then I started to look around, learn from other fields, learn from people who have been successful in completely different professions. I found marvelous people. People with so much inspiration and motivation who are truly changing the lives of other. Some of them I will introduce to you now.

I truly admire Dirk-Michael Lambert. He combines two very opposing characteristics within himself, being a tough businessman and being a very spiritual person. I never thought this could be possible but it heals a big wound in me.

I was always a very idealistic person thinking foolishly I could make this world a better place. But I was taught that success only comes from toughness and using your elbows against others. I never liked that and was neither successful nor doing good to others.

Now I am learning that giving true value to other people is the way to ultimate success. I am following this way now becoming foolish again. Yes, I can make this world a better place. And I chose science to begin with.

Bodo Schäfer is known as Germanys "Money Coach". He showed many people their way to become millionaires. But he is much more than that. He is an extremely balanced personality. He is the one who changed most of my inner beliefs ... about money, about entrepreneurship and about being a happy person.

"The person with the higher energy wins. Always."

Tobias Beck has an extremely high energy level. He is a public speaker and wins the audience of thousands of people within minutes. I highly respect him. It gives me an enormous joy to watch his talks. There is so much passion and drive that comes across when he is on stage. His keynote lectures are linked on the left side. Watch them !

Alexander Hartmann is a mirror of my inner self. He talks soo fast. He is so excited about his own ideas that he almost jumps out of the screen. He behaves like I would like to be, standing on stage, doing what he loves to do and living his crazyness. I was always taught this is not allowed and I listened far too long. Now I stopped listened, coming slowly out of my shell, allowing myself to be crazy again, to be the person that I am, that I always was. It feels soo good. Danke, Alex.

Alexander is a magician and hypnotist. He is teaching how to influence your unconscious mind to make you successful and how to live and work as a high performer.

Here is an idea for every PI how to value your people ... maybe a birthday present for your student ... or a social event for the whole lab.

GedankenTanken is the german version of TED talks. They regularly give events with famous speakers circulating a lot about personal development, success, motivation ... but also health and well-being.