Why I do this


I love science.


I think it is wonderful to work on tricky projects, discover something novel and help people with new medications.




Unfortunately, the scientific world is a competitive jungle that makes it difficult for newcomers to enter it and be successful. You have to figure out the rules of the game piece by piece during a lengthy process called graduate studies.

Good mentorship is rare, complaints are common. Finally, many good people leave the field. What a waste of resources.


But imagine how good any graduate student could be if they would know certain basic rules of science. What if someone would teach you these rules, right away at the beginning of your Ph.D.

You could either leave the jungle right away to become happy elsewhere. Or you would be equipped with the necessary tools to make the best out of your career.


I went through that lengthy process. I failed, I stood up again, I failed again, I continued. And I still cannot leave science.

Its my passion. I believe in it. And I think that good scientists can make this world a better place.



For all the bright and motivated young students who still have that enthusiasm and idealism that we all had at the beginning of our career, I want to be that someone. The person who teached you the basic rules of the scientific world. The tricks to survive, the techniques to be accurate, the system to be successful.

I believe we should not leave our students alone to figure things out themselves just to make them tough.



I believe we should take their hand, show them the secrets and then let them fly and do great. Be better, faster, smarter, more efficient and more successful than we could ever be.

For the good of science.